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Safe Sanctuary Online Test

Asbury United Methodist Church

Please complete the online test, check your answers and hit submit at the end. Your answers will be sent to for review.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Pasmore or Sheri Burchard, Asbury United Methodist Church, 1401 Camden Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21801 or 410-749-2131.

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Test Questions for Online Safe Sanctuary Training

Respond with the best asnwer from the choices given.

1. What are the two most important reasons for instituting our Safe Sanctuary policy?

2. What do we do to screen volunteers?

3. After initial certification, how often do workers need to be re-certified?

4. How often are volunteers required to reread and sign their covenant agreement?

5. We have a Biblical mandate to protect our children and youth.

6. According to the National Center for Abuse and Neglect, how many cases of child abuse are reported every day?

7. According to the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect, what are the statistics of boys and girls likely to be sexually abused before they turn 18?

8. More than 90% of juvenile sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator in some way.

9. If a child is sexually abused in a church setting, three areas of a child's life likely to be negatively impacted are psychological, physical and ________.

10. About 1 in 4 offenders is a member of the child's family or one entrusted with the care of the child.

11. Child molesters are usually strangers to the children.

12. Two-thirds of those caught and punished for child abuse will repeat the behavior.

13. Vulnerable adults include persons who are either being mistreated or in danger of mistreatment and who, due to age and/or disability or lack of basic needs, is unable to care for and/or protect him/herself.

14. Homeless men are vulnerable adults.

15. If a child or youth is injured due to an accident, what should a worker do?

16. What is the purpose of an Incident Report?

17. What is an appropriate response to a child or youth who tells you he or she is being abused?

18. If you suspect a child or youth has been abused you should

19. Where can you find forms for accidents, incidents or suspected abuse?

20. According to the six-month rule, anyone who works with a minor must be a church member or known to us for at least six months.

21. The two adult rule requires that two unrelated adults be present when working with minors. If a second adult is not available,

22. All persons age over the age of 18 may work with children and youth.

23. Why do we ask that children be picked up by parents or family rather than allowing children to leave a program by themselves?

24. During church services and the Sunday school hour only family, paid staff, and safe sanctuary volunteers should be in the children's area of the church.

25. The Potty Policy requires that preschool children ----

26. Why is it unwise to send elementary children to the restroom alone?

27. When taking older children or youth off-site,

28. Overnight sleeping arrangements of males and females is dictated by location

29. Transporting children or youth to an offsite program in private vehicles is permitted as long as

30. In all programs for persons younger that 18 years of age, what should all adult leaders take time to teach program participants?

31. Churches provide easy access to predators if they don't screen workers and train them in safety procedures

32. If child abuse occurs in the church, the child is the only victim.

33. The church is considered negligent if all workers with children, youth and vulnerable adults are not screened and trained in policy and procedures.

34. Child abuse and false allegation of wrong-doing against paid or volunteer workers with minors only happens in other churches. We don't need to worry about things happening here.

35. What is the acronym at the end of the presentation?


If you have any questions, contact Tom Pasmore or Sheri Burchard by calling the church office at 410-749-2131.


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